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Professionalisation of Academic Teaching to Infuse SDGs in Latin American Universities

The ACT4SDG project, co-funded by the European Commission, aims to infuse the Sustainable Development Goals into academic teaching in 10 partner institutions in Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mexico. At the end of the project, more than 1200 academic teaching champions will be trained, who will then drive wider changes in their higher education institutions and society.

Academic teaching represents one of the strongest and most influential forces in ensuring equity, access, and quality of education. Thus, the ACT4SDG project will contribute to the professionalisation of academic teaching in Latin American universities to ensure that the SDGs are systematically infused within the higher education landscape. The project will facilitate the transformation of the 10 partner institutions, so they meet the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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Latest update: 09.04.2024