Projects and Workshops by the Bioeconomy in Transition Research Group

The Bioeconomy in Transition Research Group by the University of Rome Unitelma Sapienz, an interdisciplinary research group conducting policy-oriented research has launched a plethora of projects and workshops.

Some of those are:

SUSTRACK (2022-2025) is a three-year project aimed at supporting policymakers in their efforts to develop sustainable pathways to replace fossil and carbon-intensive systems (at the EU and regional scale), contributing to achieving the European Green Deal's objectives. 

BioReCer (2022-2025) is a three-year multidisciplinary collaborative project, which aims to ensure the environmental performance and traceability of the biological feedstock used by the bio-based industries, deploying guidelines to strengthen the current certification schemes. 

STAR4BBS (2022-2025) is a three-year multidisciplinary collaborative project involving seven partners, three associated partners and a linked third party. The overall objective of STAR4BBS is to maximize the potential of sustainability certification systems and labels, to support a successful transition to a sustainable bioeconomy.

Circular Bricks (2022-2024) is the new Erasmus+ project for improving agrifood VET institutes’ teachers’ skills and competencies. The project will develop innovative pedagogical material on circular bioeconomy related topics for VET teachers, keeping a train-the-trainer approach. 

LIFE EBP (2020-2024) (Ecofriendly multipurpose Biobased Products from municipal biowaste) addresses environmental problems in municipal biowaste (MBW) management, agriculture and chemical industry by proving feasible production and use of new biobased products (BPs) obtained from MBW.

Now Let’s go (2022-2024) is a project co-funded by the Italian Ministry for Green Transition in the frame of the Call for Proposals for research projects “aimed at the development of technologies for the prevention, recovery, recycling and treatment of waste not included in the categories already served by the supply chain consortia, the eco-design of products and the proper management of related waste”.

BioTOP is a research project coordinated by the University of Bremen as beneficiary of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. BioTOP analyzes the status quo of the sustainability transformation in terms of biotechnology, biomass and biomaterials at international, national as well as regional level. The analysis is conducted also through regional case studies to provide a detailed picture of the international integration of bio-based technologies.

STAR-ProBio (2017-2020) was a multi-actor collaborative Research and Innovation Action (RIA) coordinated by Unitelma Sapienza University and including 15 partners from 11 European countries.

SNAPSHOT is a project that aims to contribute to the public debate on the effects of the lockdown phase due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic on the coastal environment. The project will carry out an observation campaign involving scientists and citizens with the common aim of producing a series of sea-snapshots during and after lockdown, complying with the social distancing measures foreseen by law. 

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More ongoing European and Special Projects by the University of Rome Unitelma Sapienz.

Latest update: 26.09.2023