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Research Program for Sustainability (PISUS)

The objective of the Program is to generate applied research in planning and sustainable development, promoting a diversity of projects from Autonomous Metropolitan University, or UAM.

The projects seek to identify and reorient the critical dynamics of water management, forest resources, biodiversity, agricultural soils, and solid waste in order to achieve sustainable management systems through continuous processes of collaborative construction.

The Program is structured in five lines of research: a) Water and Territorial Management; b) Agroecology; c) Forestry and Biodiversity; d) Integrated Solid Waste Management; and e) Production, Organization, and Solidarity Economy.

The PISUS program is held  in the Incalli Ixcahuicopa Sustainability Center, or CENTLI. This center is the physical space in which the research and proposals for sustainable development management natural resources generated in the PISUS sustainability research program are consolidated. 

More Information

To read more about this initiative, check out the UAM website or the specific CENTLI website(In Spanish)


Latest update: 18.01.2024