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Rising Leaders on Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change - Report 2015

In collaboration with the Yale Center for Business and the Environment and Global Network for Advanced Management, researchers conducted a survey amongst more than 3,700 students at business schools in 30 countries regarding their beliefs and attitudes about global worming, environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and business school education.

The study highlighted some interesting trends:

  • Corporations unwilling to act on environmental issues are increasingly punished by the men and women they would like to recruit.
  • 44 percent of students are willing to accept a lower salary to work for a company with better environmental practices.
  • Conversely, about one-fifth of respondents expressed an unwillingness to work for companies with bad environmental practices no matter what the salary.
  • Students also overwhelmingly consider environmental action a profitable stance, noting that environmental protection will improve economic growth and provide new jobs.

Learn more and read the report here.

Latest update: 06.10.2023