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Social Inclusion and Exclusive Policies

Established on 4th August 2008, the Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy(CSSIP) in Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedker Central University is one of the monumental landmarks among the 35 centres supported by the University Grants Commission. Social inequality along with its hegemonic structure has been a pervasive feature of Indian society and to overcome such exclusion process is the concern of the centre which is designed to address the issue of social exclusion and inclusion. Within a short span of about five years, the center has witnessed a number of minor and major projects relating to area of inclusive strategies for the excluded. Efforts have been made on formulating inclusive strategies for scavengers, Muslim minority girls, mushahar communities, Dalits, tribal communities, scheduled caste and other backword communities in Utter Pradesh.

The newly proposed department of Social exclusion and Inclusive studies offers a course on M.A. in Development Studies. Master of Development studies degree throws light on the challenges in achieving inclusive development on a local, national and global level. Bringing together critical theories from across the social sciences, this programme engaged in interdisciplinary program.

With grounding in such wide-ranging areas of study, this program offers a comprehensive awareness of the development and its relation with industry and its real-world applications in regards to poverty reduction, project design and international organisations. Our postgraduates are ready to seek employment in transnational development organisations and aid agencies; local and national government and non-government organisations; and private sector firms. This program also provides career pathways across the development sector administration, research, education and management, as well as development planning.

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Latest update: 23.11.2023