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Students for Global Sustainability


Students for Global Sustainability is student group developed to network with local community of young activists to develop political and social powers locally.  


Students for Global Sustainability endeavors to share in the aims of the WSCSD in seeking to actively promote the incorporation of Sustainability and sustainable development at every stage of Education, research, business and public policy bearing in mind the desire to achieve. It aims at :

  • striving for prioritization of sustainable approaches and implementation processes at all levels
  • partnering with rural communities in local development activities geared to increasing accessibility to social services and alleviating poverty
  • participating in academic research activities providing better alternatives to local and wider global community on the prospects of the future and its generations on the part of our natural resources
  • focusing on promoting environmental ethics at all levels 
  • bringing together the present and the future generations in our region with a vision to promote sustainable development and democracy, protection of the environment and health
  • setting up programs to promote sustainability awareness of the issues of human welfare

Main Activities

Among Student for global sustainability activities :

  • Discursive forums for members
  • Public forums
  • Research
  • MDG oriented programs
  • Publications and Newsletters/Magazines

Innovative aspects

It is irrefutably impossible to convince a starving man to spare the resources such as forests for tomorrow.  You can’t die today and live tomorrow. In respect to this therefore, SFGS will shape its activities as much as possible to conform to the development of small sectors for it is through insight into such small aspects of life that greater achievements are realized.



Latest update: 31.10.2023