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In 2008 Hokkaido University hosted the world first G8 University Summit. Representatives from 35 universities around the world came together, and vowed “universities will be a driving force for attaining sustainability” resulted in the adaption of the ‘Sapporo Sustainability Declaration’ (SSD). Since the application of the declaration, the Centre for Sustainability Science (CENSUS) has fostered working towards sustainability in developing nations by offering a number of special programs and classes, some of which are shared with students in China, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Burkina Faso via the World Wide Web.


  • Promote people’s awareness;
  • Discuss the latest research results;
  • Strengthen the collaborative network for research and education, with the aim of overcoming issues that hinder society’s progress toward sustainability. 

Main activities

Hokkaido University has also been designating several weeks of each year as ‘Sustainability Weeks’ (SW). Various events are convened during this period cantered on two core weeks in October, including international symposiums, seminars for the public, film showings, museum exhibits, and research poster contests. Students hold idea contests, student summits, and run green, pedal-powered taxi services.

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Hokkaido Sustainability weeks

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