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TSCP(Tamagawa Sustainable Chemistry-Powered-Vehicle Project)

In the past, as the basic theme of "effective use of solar energy" at Tamagawa Gakuen, that for the purpose of addressing the study of the use of technology " T Amagawa S Olar C Hallenge P Roject" (TSCP) launched the, from 1997 , Developed a solar car aiming at effective use of solar energy, aiming for stable running of solar car in 2003, prototype a hybrid solar car "Apollon Dine" combining fuel cell and solar cell, For the first time a solar car succeeded 4,000 kilometers across the Australian continent. 
Furthermore, in 2008, in order to prepare hydrogen, which is fuel for fuel cells, from biomass which is renewable energy, biohydrogen fermentation is carried out with hydrogen bacteria preyed on molasses, driving a motor with a fuel cell runs 4 Successfully tested a two-wheeled hydrogen vehicle tested. In the future, in order to use this renewable energy more effectively, "CO2 circulation" which synthesizes formic acid by combining electrolysis hydrogen and CO2 by surplus electric power and liquefies it to hydrogen at the time of use, and "magnesium air battery Chemistry techniques such as "Mg recycling" and other techniques are becoming more and more necessary.

So, so far we have been promoting the project to the theme of "solar and hybrid solar car that is a combination of hydrogen", from 2016 with the aim of further development " T Amagawa SUstainable C-Powered-Hemistry Vehicle P Roject "(TSCP) as hydrogen production and hydrogen utilization, such as further study of renewable energy, we will promote the development. 

It is not just race for TSCP activities. We are also actively participating in Eco Car Festa, business trip to elementary school, lecture activities, etc. We have established opportunities for children, students and students to face environmental issues and energy issues through effective use of renewable energy.

The team of Tamagawa University has participated in JIS FIC / WSR (All Japan Solar Car & FC Car Championship / World Solar Carrier) for a total of 17 times from 1997 to 2015, and has performed 14 JISC / WSR, JISFC totaling In the hybrid and solar car combining fuel cell and solar car, we achieved nine consecutive victories, winning the seventh overall victory.

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Latest update: 29.11.2023