UNICA-IAU Webinar: Higher Education leadership practices and leaders for a sustainable future (2021)


2021 was a critical year for higher education and Agenda 2030, including the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With the world facing multiple crises, universities are the key to healthier, greener, fairer and more inclusive societies. To show a sustainable way forward, we need strong engagement from the leadership at universities and strong partnerships for the Goals. This webinar on 21 June 2021 debated how can we take charge, together, for a more sustainable future.

Drawing on the vast experience and expertise from Members of the IAU and the UNICA network, the webinar demonstrated the crucial role of the academic leadership and the middle management level for in mainstreaming sustainable development. The invited speakers shared how leadership best practices for SD and in particular the SDGs have led to successful impacts in their institutions. Besides applying a Whole institution approach, the role of student leaders and bottom-up processes for sustainability initiatives at universities also needs to be taken on board.


  • Tom Böhling, Vice-Rector, University of Helsinki, Finland.
  • Roger Petry, Professor of Philosophy, Luther College, University of Regina; Co-coordinator, RCE Saskatchewan.
  • Sandra Guarín, Director of International Relations, Antonio Nariño University, Colombia.
  • Ioannis Giapintzakis, Vice-Rector for International Relations, Finance and Administration, University of Cyprus, Cyprus.


  • Hilligje van’t Land, Secretary-General, IAU.

Welcome and Closing words:

  • Luciano Saso, President UNICA

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