Unitwin Network on Gender Equality Publication: Present and Future of Gender Equality Policies in Higher Education

This 2023 publication, entitled Present and future of gender equality policies in higher education: contributions to human and sustainable development, explores the role that higher education plays in promoting and guaranteeing gender equality as a fundamental condition for improving the quality of learning processes, strengthening its representativeness in research and its solidifying its contribution to the development of equal, just, supportive, safe and sustainable societies. 

The articles gathered in the publication were prepared by representatives of UNESCO Chairs that integrate the UNITWIN Network on Gender Equality, coordinated by the UNESCO Regional Chair, Women, Science and Technology in Latin America, based at the Latin American School of Social Sciences (FLACSO) Argentina.

Many of them provide a historical overview of the role played by university institutions in the construction of paradigms, values and social practices that reproduce diverse forms of inequality, including those related to gender. Therefore, they stress the urgent need to promote significant changes in these
institutions in order to achieve the above mentioned goals, although they also warn about the obstacles and resistances that this proposal raises both in universities and in some sectors responsible for designing and implementing public policies.

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Latest update: 15.01.2024