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Universities for Our Planet Initiative at the ACU

The Association of Commonwealth Universities has launched the #UnisForOurPlanet campaign to show how universities (and the people within them) are spearheading critical solutions and efforts to tackle climate change. Today climate change is the biggest threat to humanity, and as we face increasing climate concerns, universities are spearheading critical research and technological innovation, facilitating and disseminating essential learning, teaching the next generation of climate experts, supporting wider communities with outreach programmes, protecting vulnerable ecosystems, and more. 

Universities are uniting for everyone, everywhere. They are uniting for the small island states facing rising sea levels, for the nations in the global south, for the farmers adapting to higher levels of rainfall and for the person reading this. If you want to get involved and support the campaign, you can : 

- Share your stories and support the ACU on social media: 

  • Twitter: @the_acu 
  • Facebook: @ACUCommonwealth 
  • LinkedIn: @ACUCommonwealth 
  • Instagram: @the_acu_official 

- Tell the ACU about your activity (ahead of COP26) 

Learn more information about the initiative here :

Latest update: 27.10.2023