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University of Gloucestershire sustainability report 2019-2020

The University of Gloucestershire recently published the latest Annual Sustainability Report (ASR). It explains our performance last academic year 2019-2020, with highlights showing how sustainability is being developed by students and staff across the University, and through partnerships and collaborations. This report is digital only, supporting the University’s move last year to cease production of hard copy prospectuses, saving over 30,000 prospectuses usually produced annually. It can be accessed here: Last year, the University of Gloucestershire closed their Carbon Strategy 2010-2020 having exceeded the initial goal of 40% emissions reduction since 2005 – as they hit 47% reduction the previous year and 63% last year (an unusual year for energy use due to the pandemic). They are now working to develop the next strategy including the drive for further carbon reductions towards ‘net zero’ emissions. The report also features a biodiversity project at Oxstalls campus, the impact of Covid-19 on sustainability, academic innovation and student leadership activities, plus a contribution to the UN Global Goals. Any feedback on their sustainability work and reporting can be directed at:

Latest update: 27.10.2023