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Water ESSENCE Project - creating synergy to meet the global challenges

The project Water ESSENCE Africa, running from 2021 to 2026, is addressing the challenges related to freshwater and its uneven distribution, with the situation being more challenging with the increasing population and urbanisation, making water use unsustainable. 

The project focuses on these challenges by addressing a matrix of three vertical cross-disciplinary issues on health, climate change, and energy, and two horizontal topics: gender equality, and digitalisation of education.

The Water ESSENCE project cover activities on co-development and improvement of skills, knowledge, tools and other resources of the partner universities needed for the education of higher quality graduates of water-related study programs, conducting more and higher quality water research, and increasing their inclusiveness.

The groups that are targeted in the project are teaching and research academic staff, administrative staff, students of water-related specialties, external stakeholders from the water sector, and stakeholders at the public water sector. 

The project aims to strengthen the capacity of higher education systems in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Rwanda and Ghana empowering the countries in realizing sustainable development transformation. 

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Latest update: 26.09.2023