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Carbon Literacy Toolkit for Universities and Colleges

One of the most common queries from individual universities is for advice and support to persuade colleagues of the financial case for their organisation to roll out Carbon Literacy; as well as for help, or useful materials, to make the initial case for participation to colleagues. The Carbon Literacy Toolkit is intended to be a resource to help higher education institutions make that case. 

The Carbon Literacy® Toolkits and Sector-Specific Courses have been developed to maximise the speed and ease with which Carbon Literacy can be adopted. Other than customisation by the user institution, using a certified CL Toolkit or Sectoral Course eliminates course development and accreditation time and costs. Toolkit and Course development is supported by The Carbon Literacy Project, but as always, training materials are developed, contributed, curated, selected and reviewed by representatives of the relevant sector. Toolkit materials are kept up to date either by Course authors or by Toolkit sectoral experts working with The Carbon Literacy Project. As a result, ‘reinvention of the wheel’ is avoided, and the expertise and experience of many brought together, to deliver more effective training, and better climate change outcomes.

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Latest update: 07.12.2023