Department of Environmental Science

With the changing global environmental conditions concerns the society to a common agenda of sustainable development. The environmental science program broadens the insight of the people in identifying principle-based solutions to the pinching and emerging issues of the society.

BUITEMS is determined to improve environmental situation through acquisition, processing, development and dissemination of knowledge on environmental sciences. The program reflects concern about the state of the environment and the need to find sustainable solutions to the threats facing the environment with the approach of ‘Thinking Globally and Acting Locally’. The research and teaching is directed to generate potential technological, socio-political, legal and economic solutions to environmental problems using an interdisciplinary and participatory approach. This research shall be conducted both independently by the faculty and in collaboration with other government & non-governmental organizations.

Environmental Science BS program was initiated in 2014 in the Faculty of Life Sciences & Informatics. Currently, the department offers MS Environmental Science program as well with highly qualified faculty having research specialization. To facilitate the research students, the Department of Environmental Science has state of the art research laboratory. The courses taught in the department are designed according to the national and international standards keeping in view market demands.

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Latest update: 30.11.2023