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Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) equips learners across all disciplines with the knowledge, skills, attributes and values required to pursue sustainable visions of the future. Using active pedagogies learners are supported in addressing complex or 'wicked problems' and identifying how they can contribute to solutions that address environmental integrity, social justice and economic prosperity.

Some of these pedagogies that can be found in the Advance HE website include:

  • The Education for Sustainable Development Guidance, which provides a framework and guidance to help staff in UK higher education institutions  incorporate Education for Sustainable Development within their curricula.
  • The next generation of ESD Practice Guides, considering formal curriculum design and delivery, experiential learning in the formal curriculum, competence-based learning outcomes and assessment and monitoring and evaluation of educational provision. 
  • The Practice Guides to support Education for Sustainable Development , which are practice-based guides, intended to inspire others through providing practical examples of activities from single workshops to long term community engagement projects. 

Find out more about the reports, publications and resources.

Latest update: 26.09.2023