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Perspective Education Program for Sustainability - PEPS

The Perspective Education Program for Sustainability, or PEPS, aims to develop students who are leaders with not only high professional skills but also a high level of perspective and a rich sense of humanity. Upon admission to the Graduate School of Chubu University, students will choose either the existing “Regular Program” or the “Perspective Education Program for Sustainability Society,” which incorporates a new structure. By adding a wide range of subjects that are common to all six of Chubu University’s graduate schools to the conventional program, the university prepares you to play an active role in the society of the future.

In addition to specialized areas, these subjects cover a wide range of areas that are common to all graduate schools. Learn the basics of the SDGs, AI, and data science, essential skills for future members of society. As opposed to a Master's thesis, In the Perspective Education Program for Sustainability, students create "deliverables" at the end of their first year of master's degree and at the end of their second year of master's degree, and these results are combined into a "portfolio" to earn a degree. In addition, you can turn papers, works, etc. into deliverables.

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For more information about the PEPS project, check out the link here.

Latest update: 15.01.2024