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Publication "Building a Sustainable Future" 2023

The United Nations SDGs are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals. Based on the quantum of achievements in realizing the SDGs, the countries are ranked by the United Nations. India was placed at 120th rank in Sustainable Development Report-2021. This instigated urgent action from all sectors of the country. Due to their unique position in society, Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) have immense scope and potential to contribute towards achieving all the 17 SDGs and thereby accomplishing the 2030 agenda. Rather, realizing the SDGs without the involvement of the higher education sector is quite an impossible task. 

HEIs are townships and hubs for igniting young minds through education, innovation, and research. Each HEI can play a significant role in the effective implementation of SDGs in their respective regions and inspire society. The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) which represents 931 plus Indian HEIs has been spearheading the campaign to implement all 17 UN SDGs in the country by organizing Vice Chancellors’ Meets at five zonal levels and one at the national level on the theme ‘Realizing Sustainable Development Goals through Higher Education Institutions’ during 2021-22.

The publication below, ‘Building a Sustainable Future: Realising United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Through Higher Education Institutions’ that has been prepared jointly by AIU and Shoolini University, is the outcome of wide-ranging deliberations held in all five zonal Meets and one National Meet of Vice Chancellors conducted on specific and inter-related SDGs with inputs from the experts from United Nations, NITI Ayog, Government, Regulatory Bodies, and Universities. It is a blueprint for higher education institutions to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

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Latest update: 23.11.2023