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In addition to engaging in instruction, research, and continuing education, a university must also secure and manage the resources necessary to keep it functioning. We consider it crucial in this matter to take into account the university’s function as a disseminator of knowledge, and this societal responsibility also involves ensuring that future generations have the same opportunities for enjoying an education that we do. We have drawn up environmental guidelines and are now in the process of implementing them in university practice. In addition to advocating measures for environmental protection, these guidelines also strive to promote the health and safety of the university’s faculty, staff, and students. Everyday life at the university provides the opportunity to develop and implement interdepartmental strategies, concepts and models related to our model, and a concept for sustainability. In addition to sustainable consumption, sustainability should of course also become an issue in instruction and research.

"Sustainability" is directly related to the responsibility of all  employees, students, groups, and institutions of our university. The „sustainable university” work group was founded by the committee for environmental protection as a university-wide commission. All interested students and staff members of the University of Freiburg are invited to contact this work group and contribute to its many concrete projects.

Our goal is to do more for environmental protection than required by current laws. In addition to the goal of reducing ecological damage, we see sustainable development as including the economical and responsible use of all resources.

This internet site is designed to serve as a means of communication in which we introduce all of our members, work groups, and issues. We have also included general information on the environment and concrete descriptions of all of our projects in an effort to obtain the feedback and support of as many people as possible at the university.

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Latest update: 30.11.2023