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The City University of New York


As this nation's largest urban university, the City University of New York (CUNY) plays a transformational role in New York City’s sustainable future with an educational footprint that spans 23 academic institutions and over half a million students, faculty and staff.

CUNY is dedicated to integrating sustainability into the university and the surrounding metropolitan area through its curriculum, policy work, research, retrofitting, capital projects, workforce development and economic development activities. 

Sustainability at CUNY

Sustainable CUNY’s programs target audiences that are both internal and external and can range from a crucial one-on-one meeting to hundreds of thousands of students to the general public through local, national and international press. These broad demographics necessitate a strategy that uses a variety of communication channels tailored to the intended audience and include: meetings, conference calls and webinars, newsletters, articles and media releases, data-base email blasts, conferences, events & networking,  social media and a dedicated website. Main activities at CUNY Sustainability include: 

  • numerous reports and surveys posted on dedicated web-pages;
  • e-mail blasts to a large data base;
  • a newsletter;
  • frequent interviews to the media.

NYC and NYS Solar Ombudsman serves as liaisons to the agencies and installers and provide technical assistance. Printed material is available at the many conferences Sustainable CUNY hosts or attends.

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