University College Dublin

Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland

IAU WHED ID: IAU-013067-013069

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University College Dublin


UCD Strategy 2020-2024

Creating a Sustainable Global Society; Transforming through Digital Technology; Building a Healthy World; and Empowering Humanity. These strategic themes will shape the research, the teaching and learning and the function as a community and as an institution.

Find out more about University College Dublin and its core objectives including sustainability, transformation through digital technology, humanity empowerment and the construction of a healthy world here.

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IAU-UOC Webinar: The Mental Health Crisis - Building Resilience in a Changing World

//Watch the recording & read the event summary// Addressing Mental Health issues of students and staff at universities and taking preventive measures through information and e-health tools were some of the examples described by experts during this webinar.

IAU General Conference 2022 - UCD Dublin

Register now and join the discussion on Relevance and Value of Universities to Future Society

IAU at the HEInnovate – Embedding SDGs in HE practices

IAU was invited to speak at a webinar on how innovation can foster practices for the SDGs - article and recording available now

IAU HESD Activity Report 2022-23 - available now

Discover the recent actions from the network in the annual Cluster activity report!

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