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In line with the motto “ACTA, NON VERBA” - Your actions and words should always go together to be a reliable person, Chubu University aims at contributing to society’s progress by developing reliable individuals who are highly cultivated and have a cosmopolitan outlook, specialized capabilities and the ability to act and who are independent, yet care about the public good.  Chubu University also aims at contributing to society through outstanding research achievements and generous sharing of the University’s intellectual and material resources with society.

Chubu University aims at producing graduates who are reliable and highly cultivated, have specialized capabilities and the ability to act, who care about the public good and think independently, from a broad cosmopolitan standpoint. Chubu University aims at contributing to humanity’s quest for truth and intellectual creation, through research into subjects conducive to society’s progress and outstanding research achievements. Chubu University aims at contributing to social welfare and development, particularly in the local community, by engaging in a variety of community activities and making use of the University’s intellectual and material resources.

Sustainability at Chubu University

In May 2007, Chubu University became the executive organization and applied to become a regional center of expertise on ESD (RCE) promoted by the United Nations University, and was certified in October of the same year. The following year, in January 2008, the Chubu ESD Center Council was established with Nagoya University and other regional universities, government agencies, NGOs/NPOs, and individual networks, and the Chubu ESD Center was officially established.

Against this background, Chubu University has been promoting activities centered on the Chubu Institute for Advanced Study in order to fully launch ESD/SDGs activities at Chubu University. Then, in April 2009, the International ESD Center was established with Director Ichiro Inazaki, and the name was changed to the International ESD/SDGs Center in April 2019. Currently, a steering committee consisting of 10 members discusses and promotes activities.

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To learn more about efforts towards sustainability at Chubu University, check out their ESD/SDGs center website(In Japanese)


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Transforming Education Together: 2023 ESD-NET Global Meeting in Tokyo

The ESD-NET Global Meeting in Tokyo, which commenced on December 18, 2023, marked a successful gathering at the United Nations University with the presence of representatives from more than 80 countries. This year’s meeting focused on sharing the implementation and progress of the ESD-2030 national initiatives, trends, challenges and innovations within the framework of Agenda 2030 and discussing the action points for the next two years 2024-2025.

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