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Monash is a modern, global, research-intensive university, delivering education and research excellence in Australia and across the Indo-Pacific. We’re making a positive impact on today's global challenges – whether that’s by mitigating climate change, easing geopolitical insecurity or fostering healthy communities.

Sustainability at Monash

The global challenges of climate change, fostering thriving communities and preserving geopolitical security are core focus areas for Monash.

Our Strategic Plan, Impact 2030, charts the path for how the University will actively contribute to addressing these challenges through its research and education, and in collaboration with government, industry, alumni, donors, and community.

Learn how Monash is already making a global impact, from preventing the spread of mosquito-borne diseases, tackling human rights and social justice to finding green energy solutions and more.

We were the first Australian university to make the landmark commitment to net zero emissions by 2030, based on a plan prepared by ClimateWorks Australia. As Australia's largest university, we recognise the need to innovate sustainable, new ways to power our campuses, so we have built our very own microgrid at Clayton campus and low-energy, climate resilient buildings like Gillies Hall.

We are the trusted voice with industry and government to translate research, education and knowledge to deliver real-world, game-changing solutions that will shape the way we live our future lives. Monash is positioned like no other to be global leaders delivering climate action because we convene and activate the best networks globally.

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For more information about sustainability at Monash, check out their actions on climate change, commitments to building thriving communities, or their achievements regarding geopolitical security

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