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Securing Antarctica's Environmental Future (SAEF)

SAEF is a Monash-led research program, directed by Professor Steven Chown, dedicated to the conservation of the Antarctic. 

The future of the planet relies on how well we can protect Antarctica. SAEF was established to develop innovative ways to forecast, mitigate and manage climate and biodiversity changes in Antarctica. This is achieved through advanced science and data-to-decision support tools to ensure new evidence can be deployed to strengthen Antarctic policy and governance.

Through a social-ecological systems approach, SAEF recognises the inextricable link between humans and nature as part of a bigger system. The SAEF team uses theories, observations, modelling and data from diverse areas of science around themes such as climate processes and change, biodiversity and environmental stewardship.

SAEF was established in 2021 after receiving a $36m grant from the Australian Research Council (ARC) through the Special Research Initiative in Excellence in Antarctic Science. SAEF is led by director, Professor Steven Chown, who is an internationally renowned researcher in biology and ecology. SAEF’s mission is to understand the past, present and future changes in the Antarctic region so it can shape the best decisions for addressing the region’s challenges.

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For more information about the SAEF program and it's impacts, follow the link here

Latest update: 20.12.2023