University Institute of Lisbon (Iscte)

Instituto Universitário de Lisboa

Avenida das Forças Armadas, 1649-026 Lisboa


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The mission of University Institute of Lisbon, or Iscte, is to support, prepare, and stimulate its students in order to enable them to contribute in a significant and distinctive way to community life. Currently offering more than 100 degree programs across its various fields of study, Iscte presents itself as an innovative and influential institution that responds to societal challenges through its educational and investigative work.

International experience is a fundamental component of a student’s curriculum. For this reason, the university has an internationalization strategy that pursues the increasing globalization of teaching, research, and innovation. Iscte has agreements and cooperation protocols with universities around the world, welcomes foreign researchers and teachers, offers joint degree programs with some of the most reputed international universities, and promotes the international experience of its students, who represent more than 98 different nationalities.

Sustainability at Iscte

For Iscte, the promotion of sustainability in its multiple dimensions – environmental, social and economic – makes up part of its responsibility as a higher education institution. Iscte was the first Portuguese university to receive an International Environmental Certification, implementing routine measures in its institutional management, teaching, research and university development practices that aim at a guarantee of sustainability. To ensure career sustainability for their students, all of the undergraduate study programs also necessarily incorporate curricular units in transferable competencies. Students develop skills such as the capacity to identify problems, flexibility, a positive attitude, strong communication, teamwork and other characteristics that help them to face the challenges of academia and the labor market.

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