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Center for Sustainable Development - Qatar University

Qatar University, being at the forefront of providing academic and scientific leadership in Qatar has developed this endowed chair through the generous funding of Qatar Shell. The Qatar Shell Professional Chair in Sustainable Development is mandated to develop greater understanding of the concept of Sustainable Development at QU and both short and long term strategy to embed the concept in education and community at large. The chair is also mandated to develop a research program to increase understanding of sustainable development issues in Qatar and foster and encourage debate in all strata of society. 

Qatar is going through a period of unprecedented socio-economic transformation, occurring within just a few decades. The nation has witnessed a spectacular rise in national income and quality of life by making use of its natural resources. This rapid development has a potential downside i.e. the creation of huge amounts of waste adversely affecting the environment and undermining sustainable development. 

The leadership of the country has repeatedly expressed their serious commitment to sustainable development at both local and global levels. The organization of a mega event like COP18 and the Qatar National Vision 2030 are examples of that commitment. The Qatar Vision 2030 clearly indicates the necessity of engraining the concept of sustainable development in all spheres of life. Through the Qatar Shell Professional Chair in Sustainable Development, the College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to contribute to these efforts. 

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Latest update: 22.11.2023