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Center of Urban and Environmental Studies

The URBAM is a research center created by EAFIT university. Its guidelines for action are the following:

1. Urbanism and Landscape - Identify and analyze the dynamics of urban, suburban and rural territory, its historical growth, the background in its planning, dynamics and types of occupation, demographic characteristics, the city model and management tools. On the other hand, to study urbanism as a tool for action, as an instrument of social inclusion and integral intervention. Analyze and propose actions on the physical environments of the territory as an important part of the construction of the social, economic and urban life of the communities.

2. Environment and Urban Ecology- The accelerated population growth and the strong processes of urbanization pose challenges to territorial planning to guarantee integral sustainability and socio-ecosystemic services in urban and rural areas, accessible with equity and functionality.

3. House and Surroundings - The partial vision of urban housing developments and the absence of specific lines of research around the themes inherent to the habitability of cities in their fundamental units, allow the consolidation of an integral and small scale proposal for the creation of nearby residential complexes, pleasant and permeable that promote interaction and weave a vital space between the street and the house, being part of the enviroment. It will be the first link in the creation of an urban culture based on community life, coexistence and trust.

4. Mobility and Transport - The transformation of cities and their close relationship with transport systems has shown that integrated and articulated planning is the best way to move forward under sustainability criteria. An understanding of mobility on a human scale that contrasts with different models of transit and flows is necessary to facilitate daily and occasional travel, but above all, to restore street life to the character of a meeting place and social construction.

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