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Ocean Country Partnership Programme (OCPP)

The Ocean Country Partnership Programme (OCPP) supports countries to: strengthen marine science expertise, develop science-based policy and management tools, create educational resources for coastal communities. 

The programme is funded through official development assistance (ODA) as part of the UK’s £500 million Blue Planet Fund. Through the OCPP, the UK government partners with ODA-eligible countries to deliver tangible and positive impacts on the livelihoods of coastal communities that depend on healthy marine ecosystems.


The objectives of the programme include three different aspects. The marine pollution, meaning that the OCPP will support countries to be equipped with the skills and expertise needed to tackle, reduce and mitigate marine pollution through the development of science-led policy. Moreover, sustainable seafood which will reduce risks such as the spread of zoonotic diseases from unsustainable or unsafe activities, and will support trade in safe seafood. The programme will also help crack down on illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing by supporting the development of better management, monitoring and enforcement capabilities. Another objective is that of marine biodiversity that will support healthy ecosystems with thriving biodiversity and fisheries that communities rely on for food and livelihoods.

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Latest update: 26.09.2023