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USAL Envrionment and Social Management System

Starting in July 2016, the University of Salvador, within the framework of the agreement signed with the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank-IFC-WB in March , hires from its Economic Vice-Rector's Office, an Environmental specialist for the implementation of an Environmental and Social Management System-SGAS jointly with the Department of Infrastructure, Works and Security and the Personnel Department, with the aim of developing a long-term sustainability strategy.

The World Bank, to ensure that its investments generate positive results in terms of Sustainable Development, has adopted the Sustainability Framework of the International Finance Corporation _IFC that includes Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability  , which regulate the conduct of companies in the who invest and establish the regulatory basis for the monitoring and supervision of their investments. It is within this framework that IFC agreed with USAL, based on a prior evaluation, that it expects the proposed investment to have a limited number of social and environmental impacts, all of which will be temporary and site-specific in nature. All impacts can be avoided or mitigated by adhering to general industry good practices, in accordance with the IFC Performance Standards (PS) and the WBG (World Bank Group) General Guidelines on EHS (Medium Environment, Health and Safety).


The objectives of the USAL Envrionment and Social management system include:

  • Identifying existing measures, whether or not they are being implemented. to minimize environmental and social impacts in order to guarantee the environmental quality and the health and safety of the University buildings.
  • Uncovering risky situations. Building evacuation plans: (Law 5920 CABA). Establishingthe methodology for identifying risks that arise from normal activities and possible emergencies.
  • Conducting a Survey on Biosafety and Pathological and Hazardous Waste Management System, at the Faculty of Medicine.
  • Creating plans for the different buildings and their usability.

With the objective of implementing the Environmental and Social Management System –SGAS, USAL has developed an Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy , which allows for comprehensive and strategic management, and continuous monitoring of environmental and social issues relevant to the institution, addressing in turn the sustainability requirements, the general guidelines and the compatibility of Argentine standards with the performance standards of the World Bank Financial Corporation.

More Information

For more information on the Environment and Social Management System, follow the link here. (in Spanish)

Latest update: 24.11.2023