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Youth Climate Report and documentary film project

The Youth Climate Report, a documentary film project led by York University faculty member Mark Terry, was recognized with UN SDG Action Award.

The Youth Climate Report showcases more than 525 videos from youth filmmakers geo-located on an interactive map, providing policymakers with a wealth of visible evidence of climate research, impacts and solutions from around the world in one easily accessible digital space.

Discover the videos here:

The groundbreaking film project not only gives young people a voice at UN climate summits, but offers the rare opportunity for them to directly contribute to policy creation on the global stage. Through their short documentaries, or “Mini-Docs,” youth bring attention to urgent environmental issues facing their respective communities and ecosystems, share climate research and solutions, and highlight youth-led climate action initiatives. For policymakers, the database provides important visual context that helps them gain a fuller understanding of climate issues during the two-week UN climate summits each year.

Read the full press release here.

Latest update: 02.11.2023