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Andalucia Ecocampus Network

The Andalucia Ecocampus Network is developed by the Regional Government of Andalucía and nine Andalusian public universities. On 19 March 2012, they committed to promote support for the achievement and development of a sustainable university model and encourage the incorporation of the environmental dimension and sustainability criteria in the university environment, combining management actions with awareness raising, education and participation in the community.


1. To promote the development of programmes and actions to raise environmental awareness and environmental volunteering in the university sphere, especially in the field of biodiversity conservation and natural spaces.

2. Build an environmentally coherent university model through participatory processes and intervene on campus and in other nearby environments to assess and improve their environmental quality.

3. Reinforce the role of sustainability classrooms and university green offices in the design and development of environmental programs in this area.

4. To improve the employability and professional adaptability of university students in the field of green employment and eco-business.

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