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Institute of Science and Environment

Modern societies are facing major environmental, social, economic and health challenges as consequence of rapid population growth, urbanization and rise in global affluence. These concerns are particularly relevant for Macao, located downstream to the highly industrialized Pearl River Delta region and one of the most densely populated areas of the world. Overcoming these challenges will require a coordinated effort from different sectors of the society. In particular, advances in science and technology seem fundamental aids to a successful transition towards more sustainable and healthier societies.

The Institute of Science and Environment develops basic and applied research in different domains of science, including Biology, Environmental Sciences, and Earth Sciences. Our mission is to contribute towards a deeper understanding of the natural world by a sound scientific approach and, when possible, to provide useful knowledge for decision and policy-making in science and environment-related topics.

The Institute is also focused in science dissemination and education as it believes that proper education in science and technology is fundamental for responsible decisions by citizens and, ultimately, social progress. The Institute regularly undertakes science and environmental education actions directed to the general public and to students from all levels of education.

Students from both graduate and undergraduate levels have the opportunity to participate in our research projects and receive training in advanced science and technology methods and concepts. This provides a dynamic and engaging learning environment where students can actively contribute to scientific progress, while developing as skilled professionals and responsible citizens.

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Latest update: 22.11.2023