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Internal Climate Fund

The University of Gothenburg encourages employees and students at the university to apply for funding from the University of Gothenburg’s Internal Climate Fund for projects that contribute to reducing the University’s negative climate impact.

The University of Gothenburg offsets the carbon emissions attributable to flights on University business. The funds from the carbon offsets are gathered in the University’s Internal Climate Fund. The Climate Fund aims to enable researchers, teachers, other employees and students to actively participate in the University’s climate initiatives. Reductions of carbon emissions may be accomplished not only on direct measures such as projects to improve energy efficiency or to hold travel-free meetings, but also projects related to, for example, information dissemination or the application of research.

Projects that have previously been approved for funding from the Climate Fund are for example technological development and the production of measurement buoys that will allow data collection remotely from research in Antarctica, improved technology for travel free meetings for increased participation and reduced climate impact and purchase of electric bicycles to replace for example car travels between faculty departments in the city.

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Latest update: 16.11.2023