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Mineral Resources And Energy Management And Sustainable Development

In the light of sustainable development principles, the development of renewable sources of energy and energy effective technologies and the exploitation of natural resources is paramount for the world. Georgia is rich in natural resources. The country has a substantial potential of exploitation of renewable sources of energy and increase of energy efficiency. The association agreement negotiated with the EU requires that Georgia implements high standards in this direction and have highly qualified specialists to attain this goal.

Ilia State University is the first university in Georgia offering the two-module program “Energy and Mineral Resources Management and Sustainable Development” with its two degrees: Master of Energy Management and Master of Mining and Geology Management.

The program has been created on the bases of the requirement from public, private and non-governmental organizations specializing in this field. Within the program, the lectures are delivered by the leading specialists in the filed who are actively involved in private, non-governmental and governmental sectors. Within the framework of the program, the students will have the possibility to get hands-on experience by being offered internships in private, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Compulsory and optional subjects within the program will equip students with technical and medical knowledge and practical skills necessary for leaders of new generations and managers in the field of energy and mineral resources.

The aforementioned knowledge, competences and skills will encompass:

  • when making effective business decisions, the ability to consider economic and ecological factors, as well as the sustainability of exploitation of resources;
  • the ability to implement the international trends in sustainable development of the field in Georgia and adapt and match these trends to economic, legal, ecological and resource conditions in Georgia;
  • the ability to evaluate the needs for Georgia’s energy security, technical advance and sustainable economic development, as well as finding effective ways to meet these needs.
  • Two-year interdisciplinary course welcomes bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree holders and professionals with proper education in business administration, natural sciences, engineering and the field of economy. It is also desirable that applicants have working experience in public and non-governmental/business organizations. Lectures are delivered in the Georgian language. Students will accrue 90 ECTS credit points within three academic semesters, with the fourth semester preparing their master’s thesis (24 ECTS); in parallel to this, they will also get hands-on experience by working in one of the organizations selected beforehand.

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Latest update: 05.12.2023