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University of York Five-Year Strategic Plan (2023-2027)

The University of York has presented its Five-Year Strategic Plan (2023-2027). The University is an engaged and deliberately diverse community of faculty, educators, staff and students committed to academic and research excellence, democratic practices and the promotion of decolonizing, equitable and inclusive education. 

As a leading education faculty in Canada, YorkU will foster a view of education as an engagement of intellectual, ethical, social, and interpersonal relationships.

The university will lead and innovate guided by the following principles: 

  • Enact practices of equity, diversity, inclusion, and decolonization
  • Undertake research that is vital and sustainable 
  • Centre teaching in student experiences and wellbeing
  • Generate knowledge that embodies social justice
  • Develop innovative curriculum and programming
  • Commit to democratic governance 

Find the Five-Year Strategic Plan (2023-2027).

Latest update: 25.09.2023