Rennes 2 University

Université Rennes 2

Square of the rector Henri Le Moal CS 24307
35043 Rennes cedex, France

Rennes 2 University

Rennes 2 University is the largest center for research and higher education in arts, literature, languages, humanities and social sciences in western France.

Rennes 2 University brings together  21,000 students, including  3,000 returning to study, within 5 training and research units, in  arts, letters and communication,  languages,  human  and  social sciences  and in science and technology of  physical and sports activities.

Rennes 2 University has also an ambitious five-year plan for sustainable development and social responsibility  which aims to anchor university life more harmoniously in the city while reducing the ecological footprint and improving working and study conditions, quality of life and good living together on our campuses.

The university is in line with the post 2015 education agenda, the commitment of higher education and research establishments to meet the challenges of the 21st century, through a global education policy involving all citizens in favor of sustainable development and social responsibility which is an essential condition for anticipating and preparing for the future and supporting the transformations needed to establish sustainable societies.

Learn more about the Rennes 2 University Sustainable development and social responsibility strategy and objectives

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