Two years of collaborative work in favor of Gender Equality at the University: experience the workshop of the International Consortium initiated by the AUF

On March 17, 2023, the AUF (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie) organized a workshop summarizing the work of the Francophone Consortium for Gender Equality on campus. This event was open to all and presented the achievements of the Consortium at the end of its two years of activity, but also its prospects, under the sign of international cooperation.

Two representatives from the International Association of Universities (IAU) were also present and attended this significant event, during which, a plethora of universities from different countries such as Albania, Egypt, France, Cambodia, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Uganda, Canada, Madagascar and Haiti presented their strategies on gender equality and their methods against discrimination between men and women on their campuses. These strategies involved raising awareness on the matter, helping mothers continue their university careers, sensibilize the professors on gender, allow for the self choice of the students' sexual identity but also international cooperation and partnerships with other universities and organizations. 

The AUF also launched the Synthesis of the Work of the International Gender Equality Consortium (Synthèse Des Travaux du Consortium International Égalité Femmes-Hommes), which presents the construction of a plan of action in favor of the equality in the universities and the sharing of this experience by the universities mentioned above. 

Find out more about the AUF workshop about Gender Equality. 

Discover here the Synthesis of the Work of the International Gender Equality Consortium (in French)

Latest update: 18.09.2023