University of Barcelona

Universitat de Barcelona

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585
08007 Barcelona, Spain


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University of Barcelona

The University of Barcelona offers prospective students a wide range of course offerings tailored to their needs and to the needs of society in general, thus placing the University at the head of academic fields in very different degree areas, from technology on the one hand to art on the other. By course type, the UB's offerings mainly comprise EHEA bachelor's degree courses, university master's degree courses and doctoral programs.  But given the rising importance of lifelong learning in modern society, the University has also consolidated one of the broadest and most multidisciplinary offerings in such courses in all Catalonia. Finally, the UB also attempts to prioritize those aspects of student life which may not be exclusively related to studies, to facilitate its members' access to information and services of every type and to support and promote those members' organization of and participation in cultural, sporting and advocacy initiatives of all kinds.

Sustainable Development

The Office of Safety, Health and the Environment (OSSMA) was created in 1998 by agreement of the Board of Governors, with the aim of providing the University of Barcelona with a technical organizational structure to manage and promote the integration of occupational risk prevention and the environment at the UB, in accordance with regulations.

Many of the activities and projects of the Office of Safety, Health and Environment (OSSMA) of the University of Barcelona are aligned with the 17 objectives of sustainable development. Below we will show you the initiatives we carry out in relation to each objective.

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