Learn about the participants in this international pilot and their achievements so far in the journey of integrating ESD at the whole institution. First up: Trinity College Dublin in Ireland!

The International Association of Universities and Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK) collaboration for the Responsible Futures supported change programme embeds sustainability through all aspects of teaching and learning. By working in partnership with students at universities around the world, Responsible Futures aims to increase buy-in and support from senior leadership to drive ESD forward, increase capacity and resourcing for developing curricula with sustainability, and foster collaboration and interdisciplinary experiences for students and institutions alike.

As such, we're pleased this month to highlight Responsible Futures International pilot institution Trinity College Dublin and their latest work related to Responsible Futures!

In 2023, TCD approved its 2023-2025 Sustainability Strategy and Action Plan. The purpose of this plan is to ensure that "All Trinity staff and students will be empowered to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to act as agents of change, individually and collectively, in working for Sustainable Development within planetary boundaries."

How are they working to ensure these goals are met?
ESD Fellowship Programme: Five academic staff members and four ESD student interns are working to develop an implementation plan for ESD and co-create ESD resources.
➡ Consultation with the Trinity Staff and Students: In pursuit of input and guidance on the development of an implementation plan for ESD, meetings were held with various College level committees, individual Schools and departments, and the Trinity Students Union. This consultation culminated with TCD's 1st Citizens' Assembly on ESD for staff and students.
➡ Co-creation of a Common Module for ESD: Utilising a "student-as-partner" approach, TCD developed a common undergraduate module for ESD.

What does TCD have planned for 2024?
💡 Further develop the undergraduate common module for ESD
📚 Development of an ESD professional development programme for staff
🔎 Engage with the student-led audit as part of the Responsible Futures project

Learn more here

Responsible Futures International Programme: https://www.responsiblefutures.org.uk/international-programme 

ESD at TCD: https://www.tcd.ie/teaching-learning/ESD/


Latest update: 22.01.2024