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Center of Research on Biodiversity, Ecology, Technology and Environment Management (BETA)

The BETA Research Group, an emerging group recognised by the Generalitat de Catalunya (2014 SGR 1286), is a multidisciplinary team of doctors and researchers working in the fields of technology and environmental management, biodiversity and ecology (aquatic and terrestrial) and technology and agro-food industry. It is the first research group to complement the experience in the field of waste treatment and valorisation, wastewater and gaseous emissions with the associated ecological impacts, both terrestrial and aquatic, apart from the classic environmental impacts normally considered. In addition, the BETA Research Group integrates experience across the value chain of the agri-food industry into the environmental and nature conservation strategy. In this way, the BETA Research Group aims to be the main actor in the development of new technologies in one of the most important industrial sectors in Catalonia, such as the agri-food sector, considering the sustainability of processes, energy optimization of production processes and the conservation of resources and the environment. The BETA Research Group applies its knowledge and technologies in other areas, such as municipal waste management and treatment, sustainable river water management, landfill management, etc.

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Latest update: 17.11.2023