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Radboud Green Office: Integrated Approach to Sustainable Development

The Radboud Green Office formulates its activities on the basis of the joint sustainability objectives of the Radboudumc and Radboud University. These contain four main ambitions, which are linked to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN:

Create a healthy environment: We create a healthy environment for employees and students. On our campus and in the chain. We focus not only on making people healthier, but also on making the earth healthier. We do this by using scientific research to contribute to the development of knowledge and solutions, for example in the field of biodiversity. We apply the insights to our own green campus and in the physical layout of our buildings, with programmes for a healthy lifestyle and through the presence of the Radboud Sports Centre.

Combat Climate Change: We aim for clean air and a healthy climate. We reduce CO₂ emissions and greenhouse gases by continuously saving energy and going green in our buildings on campus and in our business processes. Through scientific research, we contribute to insight and solutions in the field of complex and discipline-transcending climate issues. In this way, our employees and students contribute to the energy transition within their own sphere of influence.

Scale Up Circularity: We minimise the use of primary raw materials and waste as little material and food as possible. Through our research and education, we develop and share knowledge about circular and bio-based solutions, and the systemic change that goes with them. On the campus, we buy in a circular way, reuse things and avoid waste as much as possible. We see the waste that exists as a raw material for new innovative applications. To achieve this, we work together with partners throughout the chain: from suppliers and users to waste processors. Because of our size, we really make a difference in making chains more sustainable.

Provide Equal Opportunities: We go for sustainable chains by buying in a socially responsible way. We work with suppliers who prevent abuses and pay a fair price. We are an open and accessible campus, and encourage encounters within our buildings. We value diversity, among our students and our staff, and welcome every background, country and culture. We involve people who are distant from the labour market and aim for a fair gender balance. Our research and teaching focus on issues of social inequality, gender, diversity and sustainable livelihoods.

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Latest update: 30.11.2023