SOS Responsible Futures

Responsible Futures is a whole-institution supported change programme and accreditation mark to embed sustainability across all aspects of student learning.

We’ve developed the Responsible Futures externally-assessed accreditation mark (audited by students) to assist tertiary education institutions in helping students gain the skills and experience needed to thrive as global citizens. We actively support partnerships between students’ unions and institutions through a structured framework of criteria to encourage action on embedding sustainability, inclusive of climate justice, into formal and informal learning. This is the only framework of its kind that maps out the organisational innovation and enhancement required, spanning top down, middle out and bottom up level change, to achieve whole institution engagement with sustainability learning.

After almost a decade of successful implementation of the RF programme in the UK, in October 2023, IAU and SOS UK are jointly launching an international Pilot of the programme.

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Latest update: 17.11.2023