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Centre for Research into Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development

The CRASL ( Center for Research on the Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development ) is a permanent structure of interdisciplinary research of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, established in 2002 at the Brescia office .

The CRASL works in collaboration with other University research and training facilities, in particular with the Department of Mathematics and Physics , and with numerous international research centers (in countries such as Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland) in the fields of energy and sustainable development.

The CRASL participates in competitive tenders for research activities and provides adequate scientific expertise in response to the growing demand for sound environmental science , offering systematic and structured knowledge to support the decisions of companies and institutions of local government. In this perspective, the CRASL stands as an interface between universities and public and private entities that are confronted with innovation in technologies, policies and regulations regarding the environment, energy and sustainable development.

The research and technical support activities of the CRASL refer to the following areas:

  • environmental, energy and economic sustainability of development;
  • technological innovation in the fields of energy, climate change, mobility, air pollution,
  • territorial analysis and risk analysis,
  • impact assessments and economic evaluations of environmental resources.

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Latest update: 29.11.2023