Alexandria University

Gameat Aliskandaria

22 Al-Guish Avenue
Chatby, Egypt


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Alexandria University

Vision and Mission

Alexandria University aspires to restore the historic status of Alexandria University and to achieve a comprehensive qualitative leap in various fields of knowledge within a frame work of noble human values, enabling it to take a leading position in its national , Arab, African, Mediterranean and global environments. Alexandria University is a national educational, research, and development institution committed to the production and dissemination of knowledge. The University also emphasizes the building of a modern human being, cultural rehabilitation for society, and the ability to assume leadership positions in all sectors.

Sustainability at Alexandria University

Alexandria University is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), following the announcement of Egypt's 2030 Strategy. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals, adopted by all countries at the United Nations, are aimed at bringing global economic prosperity, social inclusion and environmental sustainability. They include goals for health, education, gender equality, jobs, climate change, the environment and justice and apply to all countries. 

Professor Konsowa, the president of Alexandria University, said that the University promotes the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals through world leading research, innovation and education and is proud to play its part in all aspects to commit to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Alexandria University strive to ensure its campuses and major programs are environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive, a part of the global network of universities and knowledge institutions that mobilize global scientific and technological expertise in support of sustainable development and the SDGs.

Under the sector of community service and environmental development agenda, businesses, governments, and NGOs are called upon to pursue a more sustainable path forward. In this context, Alexandria university plays a crucial role in bringing together a diverse group of societal stakeholders to take action and make an impact. Particularly, Alexandria university is highly concerned with the industrial sector, as Alexandria city is the hub of about 41 % of the industrial sector in Egypt. A special committee for cooperation with industry has been established to discuss the ways and means of cooperation, and develop solutions for encountered problems based on green economy, green energy and cleaner production.

For more information about Alexandria University's sustainability initiatives, follow the link here

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