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UiB series translated into all official UN languages

The University of Bergen has produced the special Sustainable Ocean Series, which has now been translated into all six official United Nations languages, spoken by almost three billion people daily.

The University of Bergen is the SDG14 Hub for UNAI,  and also the SDG14 Cluster Lead for the UNESCO affiliated International Association of Universities (IAU).

“The Sustainable Ocean Series aims to inspire people and policy makers around the world to transform higher education to fit a changing world, providing examples of best practice. It also aims to improve ocean literacy. With the series having been translated into all official UN languages, the important messages of how to save our ocean will reach a truly global audience. Having these texts available in six languages will contribute to the vital task of raising ocean literacy and to do so more broadly, which we need to do to reach the goals set in the 2030 Agenda in general and more specifically the targets of SDG14, Life below water,” says IAU’s Secretary-General Hilligje van’t Land.

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Latest update: 05.10.2023