Activity of 2021-2022

Discover the new report on SDGs activities carry out by the IAU HESD Cluster members:


What is the HESD cluster?

Unlike other projects in this area, the IAU Global Cluster on HESD brings HEIs from all continents together, and encourages them to develop joint initiatives and synergies. This project is more than just about north-south, south-south, or north-north connections; it is also about bringing in universities wishing to get involved further to work together on an equal footing.

The Cluster works on all dimensions of the SDGs, combining economic, social, cultural, and environmental sustainability. Especially the cultural dimension of SD will be at the core of this Cluster, since this is an area not touched-upon a lot by others. Yet, due to the diverse nature of the IAU, the association believes that this is the key to successful partnerships and a holistic understanding of the Global Goals.

The Cluster is composed of 16 lead Institutions, each championing and working on one specific SDG while at the same time linking it to other relevant SDGs. Work on goal 17, which consists of multiple organizations working together, is led by IAU. Gradually, additional institutions will be invited on board. The Cluster will be supported, monitored and steered by the IAU Working Group on HESD. Initiatives developed by the Cluster will be made available to all IAU Members.

Latest update: 18.09.2023