University of Bergen

Universitetet i Bergen (UIB)

Muséplass 1, 5020 Bergen


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University of Bergen


The University of Bergen (UiB) is an internationally recognised research university. Academic diversity and high quality are fundamental. UiB is the most cited university in Norway.

There are seven faculties at UiB and there are close to 20 000 students at the university. The University employs more than 4 200 faculty and staff. PhD candidates are paid employees, making the doctoral degree at UiB particularly attractive for rising talent. About half of graduating doctors are from outside Norway.

Sustainability at UiB

The University of Bergen (UiB) is a research-intensive university where sustainability is, and has long been, a natural and integral part of all of the activities. The university focuses on sustainability in their research, teaching, innovation and operations.

Find out more about the UiB Sustainability, studies, green student life and the UiB Climate Fund. SDG Bergen Initiative on the UN partnerships platform.

The University of Bergen leads SDG 14 of the IAU Cluster on HESD.

News for this university

HLPF Side Event Measuring and Monitoring Community-Level Emissions

Join us on 16 July in person in New York or online for a panel discussion around SDG 13: Climate Action, reducing inequalities, and the role of science and innovation to bring forward sustainable transformation locally and globally.

HIGHER EDUCATION AND SDG 14: Integrating Ocean Research for the Global Goals

Discover the publication with papers on SDG14 collected by the University of Bergen and IAU!

UN Ocean Conference 2022

From 27th of June 27 to 1st of July, governments, academia and other stakeholders will get together for the UN Ocean Conference. IAU and UiB will advocate for Higher Education and SDG 14

Higher Education at UN Water Conference 2023

Higher Education and Research are crucial for SDG 6 and all SDGs

IAU HESD Activity Report 2022-23 - available now

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